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Wanig Le Pennec & Anders Buhl aids with strategic innovation and partnership strategy

What we do

We help startup companies reframe their strategies and engage their employees and stakeholders by engaging workshops, adaptive narratives and a strict, content-first attitude. We help explore and drive new revenue through building a focused partnership strategy.

We help you boost your start up with senior advice on partnership strategy, strategic modeling and storytelling, and facilitate innovation processes and roadmapping.


Le Pennec & Buhl is a strategy advisoring agency that helps the start-up with…..

More than 25 years of experience gathered in companies ranging from start-ups over scale ups and to large mature public enterprises in different areas such as commercial shops, finance, engineering, software, SaaS, telematics.

Create your partnership strategy

Gain new revenue streams and capitalize on your partnership ecosystem.

If you’re a B2B Saas startup, building a powerful partnership strategy can accelerate your growth. 

With the decrease of cookies and the increase in private data regulations, traditional marketing channels are less efficient in communicating with their audiences.

Partnerships are another route to customers and more Sales. It gives you direct access to an already established customer base. It is a great answer to better understand your audience, communicate to your prospects and sell your product and services.

In addition, having your partner ecosystem provides your company with a strong advantage against competition. Your services and product can be copied but your entire partner ecosystem is not easy to replicate.

Finally as a startup, you should be taking advantage of the knowledge you can get from partners, as well as the credibility and customer trust you can get from partnering with a more established brand. Establishing integrations with other solutions and having an API-driven solution can be key to capitalize on the ecosystem model.

There are many advantages of partnering with others, but building a thriving partner ecosystem is not seamless, you need coordination across internal and external stakeholders, efficient processes, the right partnership organization, the right partner tech stack, and a well-designed partner program.

If you’re a small  B2B SaaS company, we help you define your right partnership strategy and get it up and running. We help you develop a world-class partner ecosystem and make it a key revenue driver for your company.


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